Personal Pages:

Wind Whisper Inc A best friend's site and blog.
I'm living the good life My sister's blog and site.
Mosaic United Methodist Church My Church. The best one I've attended
Google+ I have a profile on here
Facebook It's Facebook

News & Info:

Wave 3 Louisville Channel 3 News.
WHAS11 Louisville Channel 11 News.
WLKY Louisville Channel 32 News.
Fox 41 News Louisville Channel 41 News.
Louisville KY Louisville Kentucky Homesite.
Trimarc River Cities Traffic Response and Management.
Louisville Police Louisville Police Dept.

Fox News
CNN's Homepage
Weather Weather stations homepage Louisville, KY

Cord Cutter Info A resource for those getting away from cable/satellite
This Week In Tech Technology TV on the interwebs
Revision 3 More technology TV on the net
Tom Merrit Tom Merrit's blog
Cord Killers A monthly net cast from Tom Merrit
Slashdot news For the geeks that "Need ta know!"
Tech Dirt Guess what? MORE tech news!
Blastr A Tech/Entertainment news site run by
Computer World Tech news Mag.
CNet News More Technews.
ZDNet A Sub news carrier of CNet.
Tech Web Yet, MORE Technews.
Info World Business technology and IT news
Science Daily The daily science news
Gizmag Technology and gizmo news
Geek News The link sums it up
Engadget More tech news!
Extreme Tech Tech news, but not updated as much

Educational Sites:

Codecademy Learn how to code for free A site ABOUT everything
DIY Network Learn how to do it yourself
Instructables Another DIY site
Realtime Weather Site Animated Satelite Photos. Totally cool and helpful
Tom's Hardware This place has news & tons of solutions to problems
National Novel Writing Month A fun site to encourage you to write

Vehicle Related:

Automotive Forums The name says it all. Sunfire Section
Autozone's Website Autozone has a more functional website with catalog
O'Reilly's Auto Parts This auto store also has a good online catalog
Advance Auto Parts Similiar to O'Reillys
EZ Bodyparts Stock vehicle parts cheap.

Fun Stuff:

Roll 20 A great site for online Role Playing.
You Tube The world's most popular video site. My Videos
The Onion a funny, fake news site.
Cracked "America's only humor site"
Comics.Com Straight to Dilbert
PVP PVP Online... A pretty funny strip. Straight to current strip
Table Titans A D&D based comic. Straight to current strip
Penny Arcade Another funny Geek Strip. Straight to current strip
Cyanide and Happiness A very "desturbing" web comic.
XKCD If you're a geek in general you'll find this comic halarious.
Evil Inc. Another daily webcomic

Entertainment Resources:

I Heart Radio An online radio channel relay service
Pandora Free online streaming music
Television Tunes MP3's of famous TV show intros. Great for ring tones!
Starship Dimensions A cool site that compares sci-fi ship sizes.
Stargate Wiki The guide to all things Stargate
Wookieepedia The Star Wars Wiki
Memory Alpha The Star Trek Wiki
Andromeda The Wiki for the TV series not many have heard of
ReBoot The ReBoot Wiki

Internet Resources:

Yahoo: Search Engine & News
Google: Search Engine
Wolfram Alpha This isn't really a search engine but it actually gathers info FOR you and outputs it
POVRAY Organization This site has TONS of stuff for aspiring 3D Modelers.
Da Font A whole load of free Fonts.

Online Services:

Hemingway App A helpful 'editor' service for writing.
Just Stolen I have yet to use them and I hope I never do.
Family Watchdog A tracker/database for child/sex offenders. A very important resource.
Criminal Searches Do you really know who people are?
Yahoo Maps: Find a location and plot a course
Kindle Direct Publishing Book Publishing for Amazon (I use them)
Lulu A Publishing Firm for the little man (I use them too)
Scribd Share your documents online
Ebay: An auction site for normal people like us.
Woot Everyday a new deal!
Craigslist A country-wide "classifeds" site. Find your city and start buying or selling!
Amazon: Pretty much the same as Ebay but really specializes in books
Overstock.Com Another Auction Site.
Think Geek Tons of toys, clothes, gadgets...
Tiger Direct Good computer parts for a cheap price!
New Egg Another good place to purchase computer parts
Jinxware I have a few T-Shirts from here
yDNS This company helps those who host their own websites.
NO-IP Another company that helps those who host their own websites.