It’s almost time to write again

It’s almost that time of year again. November is National Novel Writing Month and despite setbacks last year I intend to at least get further this time. I already have a story, the beginnings of a layout, and the drive. All I need now is to complete the layout and stick with it during the month of November.

So what am I writing about? Well, I don’t want to give too much but I will say this: It’s based in a magical setting with a slight steampunk taste to it, but technology will take a backseat during much of the story. Most of the story will revolve around an airship and it’s crew as they try to correct a 200 year old mistake that sparked a war that rages on to this day. The concept was heavily influenced by my tight circle of friends and a game event I recently played. I just took what I liked from both and ran with it.

I do find myself getting deeper and deeper into the universe I’m creating even before I begin writing. I guess that’s a good thing, it made writing last year smoother (the universe my story was placed in that year was ‘The New Empire’ series). Hopefully I’ll be so comfortable thinking about that realm that I won’t get hung up on details and the words will come easily.

I’ve also planned ahead by scheduling a couple of days off from work here and there in the hopes of spending the most of the day writing. If I fall behind this will help. Add to the the long weekend afforded by Thanksgiving and I should have plenty of time.

I still have a month to prepare, but wish me luck. I just may need it.


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