Play’n games, the video kind

I really don’t have a big topic to talk about this week so I think I might share a couple of ‘time-killers’ I’ve been playing lately. I’ll also share another that a friend has been touting a lot lately.

I’ll start by making this completely clear: I don’t have much money. There, I said it. That was a load off of my chest. The reason I said that is because the games you’ll see here have been out for some time, but because of my finances I’ve learned to get the most out of my entertainment. I don’t buy a game unless I see that it’ll give a lot of replay value.

minecraftcover.pngSo let’s start with my two ‘go to’ games. These are games that I find myself returning to constantly. I may play them for a few months, get bored, stop for a few months, and then get the urge to play them again. These two games are Minecraft and Skyrim.

You’ve heard me brag about Minecraft in the past. It’s constantly being added onto and has many varients (one of which I enjoy the most is Tekkit). It’s a game where you build, fight, and survive. Each time you play it’s a new world. It can be quite addicting and even when you grow tired of it you begin to miss it after a while. I even host my own server and have bought my two oldest children accounts.

skyrimscreen.jpg Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series. I used to own the third and still have the fourth in my desk at home. The Elder Scrolls games are known for their giant worlds and for the player’s ability to travel anywhere whether the plot wants them to or not. It takes place during mid-evil times and have of the creatures in the game are mythical. There’s quests and mission all over the world and you can pick and choose what you want to do. even after finishing the main storyline you can continue traveling the world and doing odd quests.

Are you picking up on the theme yet? I like games that have open worlds. I like to explore and do what I want when I want. This is replay value for me and I love it.

masseffect2.jpg Another game I keep coming back to right now is Mass Effect 2. It’s more of an ‘open-ended’ type of game when compared to the previous two but the world (or universe in this case) is still open to you while playing. You decide in what order you want to finish quests and you even have the ability to find odd jobs to do here and there, but the end of the game actually finishes it completely (leaving a cliff-hanger for pert 3 from what I hear). So I’m actually near the end of that game. I just play it on occasion to do odd jobs and build up my team, prepping for the eventual last quest.

So what’s the game I’m playing the most right now?

civ5screen.jpg It’s actually a copy of Civilization V that I found at the local Book & Music about a year ago. I played it for a short period of time when I first bought it and didn’t feel ‘drawn in’, or maybe I was currently into something else. I’m not exactly sure, but what I do know is that I dusted it off to play the other night and quickly became addicted. I’ve been playing it every chance I can get since then (which isn’t much).

I have played a previous version in the past and had fallen in love with it as well. I guess I’m just destined to play ‘large games’. Since I’m not the best at reacting quickly to what pops up on the screen like most fast-paced players I seem to gravitate towards slower, more in-depth games.

Pictures (MC ME Skyrim Civ5 warframe)

warframescreen.jpg And now for a game that one of my closest friends has been touting for some time. I mention it because this guy swings from game-to-game monthly and has the money to do that. But a game by the name of War Frame has grabbed his attention and held it for some time now. He mentions it at least once every time I see him.

I’ve sat by and watched him play it once. It looks really good and appears to play very well but I just can’t see myself really getting into it. Maybe if I played with my kids like he does I could see doing it but who knows.

Last, but not least there’s this game that I’m waiting on that’s titled Cube World. It looks like a cross between Minecraft and and a Role-Playing Game. I hasn’t been released yet but I’ve been following its development as closely as I can.

There is no release date set yet but you better believe that as soon as it comes out I’ll be snatching a copy up.


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