New Empire, Interlude 2

It was June 4, 2047. A little over three months since the D.S.S. Augusta had vanished inside the Polaris cloud. The Empire Council had voted to implement the satellite sensor network to track both the Nomad ships in the region and all registered ships.

The first part of the plan was just to lie out a single string of satellites between each colony. Each satellite would be placed outside the range of the other. This contradicted the original plan but the second step was to double the number of satellites to conform to that plan after all the colonies had a single string of satellites between them.

Even non-Empire colonies were to be included. Due to the danger this new threat presented each outer colony decided on a reimbursement plan to the empire, whether it was in money or trade

Vega was first to have a string of satellites led to it. It was the furthest from Draconis so the string had to curve slightly to avoid Earth claimed space. This string of satellites would form the backbone of the Empire since it would span the entirety of colony space. The Empire Council decided to deploy this string first because they still believed that there was a Nomad ship near the Polaris cloud. That was the only explanation they had as to the loss of the D.S.S. Augusta.

After the Vega string the crews would split up. One crew would concentrate solely on connecting the other colonies to Draconis and two other crews would begin connecting all the other colonies together in a web-like pattern.

Afterwards they would go back over each string, doubling the amount of satellites, and then finally begin filling the space in between until all of colony space was constantly monitored.

Although the outer colonies would be included in the sensor grid it was only there for each independent colony’s benefit. They would pay the Empire to maintain the satellites but the Empire wouldn’t get involved unless help was formally requested.

Vega didn’t know it, but they would be the first to reap the benefits of the new sensor network.

And the danger wasn’t from an alien vessel.


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